General Manager

Communication Management (MA)
Over 15 Years of Marketing Experience
Alibaba Group Work Experience


Project Manager

Fine Arts Design (BA) Australia Work Experience Clothing E-commerce Work Experience


Project Manager

Commercial Design (MA) Taiwan
Studio Arts (BS) USA
Graphic Design Experience in China
Southeast Asia Work Experience


Project Manager

Communication Design (BA) Philippines Philippines E-commerce Work Experience Native Speaker of English


Project Manager

Visual Communication Design (BA) Based in Malaysia


Project Manager

Industrial Design (MA) Based in Vietnam


Project Manager

Communication Design (MA) U.K Industrial Design (BA)


Super beautiful design! I like it very much!

Y, from Naturalsoap.

Yesterday we were in a meeting, I shared with my colleagues the new homepage on Alibaba platform. The general manager and my colleagues feel refreshed.

S, from Kaiphone.

AMAZING! Honestly speaking, it is way beyond my imagination.

E & Y, from Dreamleap.

Thanks! I like this banner design very much! Is it possible to give me the originals? I want to put it on our official website.

P, from Thunderco.

The design is very beautiful and comfortable. Thank you.

J, from Warmwarmbee.

My boss thought you shot very nice pictures of our products!

Y, from Yalta.

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